Elmars resource updates on the Internet.

In recent months, there have been signs of technical irregularities on Elmars' websites. It caused various problems on the part of Internet users in the field of www. After reviewing the state of the websites, it was found that advances in technology had outstripped the resources available.
The aim of Elmars is to provide reliable information in an efficient manner that does not cause problems to users. In order to ensure this, maintenance measures have been taken to:
- increasing reliability,
- speed improvement.
The work will last until the end of November 2021, which may cause the websites to be temporarily closed. Any actions taken in this regard, however, will result in improved operational efficiency in the future. Please apologize for any temporary inconvenience.

Quarantine at ELMARS

COVID-19 has had an impact on the health of the entire human population for almost a year. This time it also touched ELMARS. Due to the imposed quarantine, sales in ELMARS are suspended until November 20, 2020. Common sense and responsibility took precedence over the desire for profit – sales stopped.

With the smooth running of the quarantine, e-sales systems will be launched on November 20, and shipment handling will begin on the 21st.

Bearing in mind taking preventive measures, the sale will be carried out only by mail, and the lack of mutual contact will limit the possibility of cross-contamination.

Changes in the software of Elmars e-stores.

Last week, work began on upgrading the software stores www.elmars.eu and www.elmars.linuxpl.info. These works should be completed by the end of April this year. During this period, Elmars customers may face a temporary reduction in functionality when placing orders.

Expected effects of implementing the new software:

  • increasing the level of security due to increasing the scope of encryption,
  • increase of page rendering speed due to change of hosting software version,
  • unlocking the function of placing orders without registering in the store,
  • opening the way to introduce new functionalities.

Please send comments on how the store works and works. I apologize for any inconvenience.